When a newly created McDonald's department asked employees if they had the information they needed in a staff survey, fewer than half responded positively. JRS expanded the survey’s evaluative scope, providing diagnostic information that identified how to improve results and help employees feel personally accountable for their role in the communications process. We then collaborated with the department’s communications director to design a research-driven communications plan leading to more informed employees.

As a result of implementation of the JRS research and subsequent communications plan, the number of employees who received the information they needed increased from 47% to 79% over two years. The value that employees placed upon internal communications also multiplied dramatically, leading to an expanded department in great demand.

"I have used Jenny's services twice since working for McDonald's Corporation, once in Raleigh and once in Tampa. Both times, I was new to my position and wanted to prioritize the issues involving our employees and restaurant owners that most needed my attention. Her probing questions helped us get through the "noise" of all that was going on and to the heart of the most important matters. It was very effective because as a result, I was able to use my time more effectively and had far less down time. In surveys conducted of McDonald's restaurant operators related to their satisfaction with internal communications, our region has outperformed the national average — due in part to procedures we designed with ideas from Jenny's research."
- Karen King
Vice-President and General Manager
McDonald's Corp., Florida region