McDonald's retained JRS Consulting to determine how best to attract and retain a talented workforce. Our team of multi-cultural qualitative researchers conducted focus groups in Spanish and English to determine the most compelling messages to communicate to the fickle teen market and other audiences. The JRS research helped the client understand how current and potential employees viewed the organization as well as suggested ways to communicate most effectively about employment opportunities.

"JRS Consulting conducted focus groups for us with employees and potential employees aimed at better understanding how McDonald's communications are perceived. Because Jenny was skilled at getting people to open up, and because she identified and tactfully suggested some angles for the research we hadn't thought about, the groups yielded very valuable insight. Jenny produced a great finished product for us that I've adapted in several ways. We've been able to use her work to both drive and underscore the direction in which we're going. It was a pleasure working with Jenny, who was always available when we needed her."
- Rogercarole Rogers
Director of the Human Resources Design Center
McDonald's Corporation