"I was hesitant to do more research, because I felt like it would be the same-old same-old. But the way Jenny asked questions was different. They were questions that didn't permit traditional responses. As a result, we ended up with a lot of ideas we can use — everything from the type of information I need in order to communicate, to how I communicate it. In both cases Jenny was able to lay out a format that was extremely helpful and practical, and the results ended up being actionable by our own staff versus something that was only actionable if the researcher was there to implement it."

- Jan Fields
McDonald's USA

 Marketed European Products

 Communicated change

 Evaluated new product concepts

 Positioned organizations for success

 Increased sales

 Maximized advertising budgets

 Introduced new products

 Differentiated companies and products in a competitive marketplace

 Increased internal communications efficiency

 Attracted and retained employees/maintained diversity

  Marketed to kids most effectively