JRS conducts focus groups and in-depth interviews among audiences that include company employees, executives, medical professionals, business-to-business audiences, customer groups, consumers and children. Our approach explores information needs and emotional responses to products, services and issues. We are experienced in testing communications vehicles, advertising campaigns, public relations programs, product and brand positionings, and messages. This research provides insight essential to strategic planning and designing effective marketing and internal communications programs.

"JRS Consulting's contribution to our new products research and brand management has been both commendable and appreciated. Moving beyond product features and benefits, Jenny Schade uncovers that which is beyond the obvious; "what it is", "what it does" and "why it matters. She has a natural talent for understanding how people connect with products and communications."
- Craig Cappel
Manager, Corporate Planning and Programs
Pactiv Corporation

"Jenny conducted focus groups for us with employees and potential employees aimed at better understanding how McDonald's communications are perceived. Because Jenny was skilled at getting people to open up, and because she identified and tactfully suggested some angles for the research we hadn't thought about, the groups yielded very valuable insight. Jenny produced a great finished product for us that I've adapted in several ways. We've been able to use her work to both drive and underscore the direction in which we're going. It was a pleasure working with Jenny, who was always available when we needed her. She's a wonderful person, and her work helped us a great deal."
- Rogercarole Rogers
Director of the Human Resources Design Center
McDonald's Corporation