Our assessments focus on determining and improving the value of communications within an organization and to outside audiences. We prefer "assessment" over the more traditional "communications audit" because we find that "audit" is associated with uncomfortable topics like tax returns for most people! Our process carefully examines the way our clients currently communicate and takes into account input from company management, employees and customers through quantitative and qualitative research. The result is a strategic communications plan and recommendations based on key stakeholder needs.

"The McDonald's Southeast Division was a big communication challenge: communicating among 3,000 stores, 600 owner/operators and eight regional offices. One of my first actions upon taking the position was to conduct a communications assessment with Jenny Schade. Jenny prompted people to say things they never would have said to me. She is like a velvet knife and confidently gets right to the heart of the matter. Her work made my life a lot easier because it helped build consensus within the leadership regarding communications issues and allowed me to gain support on how communications could move the business."
- Jason Harris
Director of Communications
McDonald's Corporation

"JRS Consulting has helped us conduct three communications audits, supported us in communicating our results and has been essential in helping us develop both communications plans and appropriate actions to help make the necessary improvements. Jenny Schade has become a partner in that she understands our communications strategy and the communications needs of our employees. All of her support of Exelon Communications has been superb."
- Don Kirchoffner
Vice President, Communications
Exelon Corporation