Our q
uantitative process helps communications clients increase their effectiveness and demonstrate the value they add to the brand equity. JRS executes surveys that establish baseline measures and identify needs among corporate staff and key customer groups. Our employee communications surveys for McDonald's and Exelon Corporation have received numerous awards. Our work for Exelon in a baseline communications audit helped the corporation realign its communications vehicles — leading to savings in the six figures — and provided clear direction for development of a communications plan. We then conducted a follow-up audit that quantified the Exelon Corporate Communications department's resulting increase in effectiveness.

"As a result of the employee communications survey Jenny designed for Exelon, we made research-based decisions about realigning our communications vehicles that saved us six figures. We also achieved an informative baseline about how we communicate to our employees as well as strategic recommendations for improving our communications. Jenny tailored our employee communications survey to suit our company. Her past experience in working with companies that have multiple business units was very beneficial. She recognized that while we are a big company, we don't necessarily fit the stereotypical "large-company" mold. I have recommended Jenny to my colleagues and would do so again. I'm impressed with her experience, how easy she is to work with, her professionalism and her warmth."
- Jami Turano
Manager of Corporate Publishing
Exelon Corporation